Strand, gut !

Strand, gut !

The new collection enriches our maritime sneakers with some revolutionary environmentally friendly materials. The best place to showcase the new products: Sankt Peter-Ording – a true treasure trove of the North Sea.

Wind in your hair, sand between your toes, summer in your heart: Sankt Peter-Ording is always worth a trip - but not just because of the wide beaches with fine, white sand or because of the cool restaurants and trendy bars in the characteristic stilt houses.

Because Sankt Peter-Ording always has a few surprises in store. When the sea retreats at low tide, it always forgets some of its treasures. If you look closely, you can see Manila mussels in the creeks that wind their way through the mud. They are actually only found in the seas of Southeast Asia; they are wildly jagged and beautifully patterned. If you stroll along the footbridges of the salt marshes, you can see samphire sprouting left and right - a flowering plant that surprisingly doesn't mind sea water at all and whose sprouts you can actually eat. And anyone who dares to venture out into the mud flats in stormy autumn and cold winter can even find amber and hold the golden-yellow sparkle of the evening sun in their hand.

We at 8beaufort.Hamburg are grateful for these coastal treasures. Because we really want to preserve this beauty, we developed our canvas bags and sneakers. And since our first collection, we have been constantly working on making our products even more sustainable and perfecting our upcycling.

“The algae biomass and the bio-based additives make the El Hierro sneaker a real fashion evolution.”

Our latest highlight: the El Hierro model. In this sports shoe we have not only recycled canvas and life jacket scraps, the sole is also made from algae. Algae, like those found on the beach in Sankt Peter-Ording. The highlight of this material: By using a resource that grows back on its own, completely naturally, there is no longer any need for the use of fossil fuels or the one-sided use of arable land on land. At the same time, we are also curbing the spread of algae, which are sometimes multiplying explosively due to increased sea temperatures and thus contribute to the ecosystem below sea level tipping over at some point. In order to do justice to our holistic sustainability approach, we only supplement the algae biomass with bio-based additives. This makes the El Hierro sneaker a real fashion evolution.

Curious about our sustainable products? Then accompany our models Heidrun and Thiago on their discovery tour through Sankt Peter-Ording. In the dunes, at the beach and by the water they show what else our new collection has to offer. Who knows what good a day at the beach can produce?

“Who knows what good a day at the beach can produce.”

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