8beaufort.Hamburg shows a clear edge when it comes to sustainability.

Because there is an urgent need for a change in the fashion industry. And because founder Sabine Moormann knows that she has nothing to lose

To the founding story
  • MADE in Portugal

    In order to be as responsible as possible, we only work with reliable partners. Our shoes are made by family businesses in Portugal.

  • DESIGN from Hamburg

  • COLLABORATION with Secumar


through recycling and upcycling

Upcycling is the most sustainable use of materials, as energy and the use of raw materials are reduced. By recycling discarded sails, we are actively reducing the garbage that pollutes our oceans.

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Highest quality

thanks to natural materials

We combine upcycling with the use of natural materials such as natural rubber, waxed cotton and chrome-free tanned leather from Portugal with the aim of impacting our planet as little as possible. This applies to employees of the tanneries and to wearers, especially with allergies.

European standard

eco-fair & certified

We use European leather, eco cotton and rely on vegetable tanning agents. This reduces CO2 emissions and protects the environment, employees and our customers from pollutants.