our mission

8beaufort.hamburg is more than an ordinary fashion brand.

Because we want to preserve and protect the harsh wind and the raging waves that we carry in our name, we make our products from natural materials and discarded sailcloths that were used on flat-bottomed ships and wooden boats in the Wadden Sea of ​​the North Sea and in the English Channel. With this principle of recycling and upcycling, the reuse and further use of materials that have already been used, we not only actively reduce the garbage that pollutes our oceans. In contrast to many other manufacturers, we also use European leather and waxed cotton and rely on vegetable tanning agents. This reduces CO2 emissions and protects the environment from pollutants. And to be as responsible as possible, we only work with reliable partners: our shoes are made by family businesses in Portugal. The bags are made in certified companies in the Global South that work according to EU standards and guarantee ecological production and fair working conditions. The result: sustainable products that stand for individual style and maximum well-being and will take the fashion industry by storm.

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Und um so verantwortungsbewusst wie möglich zu sein, arbeitet wir ausschließlich mit zuverlässigen Partnern zusammen: Unsere Schuhe werden von Familienbetrieben in Portugal hergestellt. Die Taschen entstehen in zertifizierten Betrieben im globalen Süden, die nach EU-Standards arbeiten und eine ökologische Produktion und faire Arbeitsbedingungen garantieren.Das Ergebnis: nachhaltige Produkte, die für individuellen Style und maximales Wohlbefinden stehen, und so die Modebranche im Sturm erobern werden.

Are you sailing and would you like to send us your old sail?