Garbage in the Atlantic

The Transat Jacques Vabre is an Atlantic crossing just like Andrea Fantini.

The Coffee Route, as it is also called, is one of the most famous transatlantic regattas. The regatta has taken place every two years since 1993. It leads from Le Havre in France to a South or Central American port without any intermediate stops and without external assistance.

Teams are limited to 2 sailors per boat.

Andrea was eagerly waiting for November 7th, 2021. Today it started again for him and his co-skipper Charles-Louis Mourruau. You start in Class 40.

As we write, the two of them are taking off from Normandy towards Martinique at 9 kn.

In 2017, Andrea Fantini and his co-skipper Alberto Bona were forced to abort due to an Unidentified Floating Object. In short, a UFO that not only destroys the hull, but also our seas. That was an unexpected outcome. Both sailors had to withdraw and abort in Portugal.

How many sea creatures are in a similar situation to Andrea? They sail silently through the Atlantic with the wind and waves and collide with all sorts of marine debris that actually has no place in their living room. It hinders them from getting to their food sources and nesting places. Maybe they won't make any progress at all.

It is not Andrea's first attempt at this regatta

Andrea loves the sea and nature and after the initial shock and the end of the regatta resulting from the collision, the lack of understanding and sadness about our polluted environment remains.

This is how we found Andrea Fantini from 8beaufort.Hamburg.

"It's all about the ocean ...." is how Andrea sums up his passion for the sea. The sea is a valuable ecosystem and offers not only those who sail in it something new every day. One with the wind and the waves Being able to be is a privilege worth protecting, and Andrea is committed to this with his projects.

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