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At the shooting in Hamburg, our new collection proves that sustainability doesn't have to be monotonous

We at 8beaufort have come up with something special for the new season: We gave some of our shoes a new coat of paint - and even developed completely new versions made from recycled sails.

The result is a new version of our modern classic Anuta. Or the Special Edition of the Galapagos Island. In addition to canvas, it is also made from discarded life jackets from the quality company Secumar and shines in trendy signal colors. And the high-top sneakers from the Manhattan Island series are brand new: a casual companion, especially on cool spring and autumn days.

Then accompany us and the new collection on a little tour through Hamburg.

For you, our models Svea and Thiago packed the bags from our BORHNHOLM collection, strolled along the waterfront of Altona and climbed onto the roofs of St. Georg, head out, let your legs dangle, your soul too.

Because here, where the water sloshes against the quay wall and the breeze really picks up, we at are in our element. Here we feel at home.

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