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clear edge

The joy of color in Shanghai, the coolness of New York and the tradition of Amsterdam: the shoes in our new collection are diverse and unmistakable at the same time

Hamburg is the gateway to the world: This saying sounds a bit like a cliché, but it has a core of truth. Because along the Elbe there is a diversity that combines the characteristics of many large cities around the world in one place.

"The mix of yesterday, today and tomorrow, the juxtaposition of different styles, that's what makes Hamburg and our brand so unique."

The weather-worn clinker brick buildings that jostle for space in the Speicherstadt bring back memories of old Amsterdam. The abandoned and repurposed industrial buildings of Oberhafen could just as easily be in Brooklyn, New York. And with its constantly new high-rise buildings and its modern architecture, the skyline of Hafencity and St. Pauli can almost keep up with Shanghai, which also started out as a fishing village.

This mix of yesterday, today and tomorrow along the Waterkant, this juxtaposition of different looks and feels, is exactly the right environment to try out our new collection. The shoes presented by our models Selina and Lorenz sometimes appear modest and down-to-earth, sometimes self-confident and cheeky, with fresh colors. But as different as they are, just like the hometown of 8beaufort.hamburg, the shoes are always unmistakable, unique. In other words: clear edge.

»Modest and down-to-earth, self-confident and cheeky - this is also our new collection«

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